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Recently, people have become more cautious about the spread of germs around. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has caused quite a stir worldwide, making people alert and concerned. This has given rise to the development of better safety measures. Most people are educated on the basics of hygiene in public places but there are plenty of other things that are difficult to avoid. Therefore, there is an urgent need for devices that can help maintain safety standards in public places. We offer several devices that can be used to monitor health and safety.

FLIR TrafiOne and FLIR MR77

Crosswalk buttons are a good example to understand the need for safety devices in public places. These buttons are touched by hundreds of people throughout the day. Hence, could be a potential carrier of germs and diseases. A need for touch-free pedestrian sensors has emerged during this pandemic. The FLIR TrafiOne sensor uses thermal imaging to detect pedestrians and cyclists based on their temperature signatures and alerts the traffic light system. It can also detect if a group of people is waiting. If the group is too large, it will send a signal to the lights to change and let pedestrians cross. Other benefits of the TrafiOne sensor are:

  • Limiting instances of crowds of people waiting nearby

  • 24-hour detection of pedestrians and bicyclists

  • Does not require any natural or artificial light to function

  • Efficient management of traffic flow for traffic and public transportation agencies

  • Ensures public safety

The FLIR MR77 is another device that is used for moisture remediation or HVAC. The device is fitted with a pinless moisture sensor and pin probe, a temperature and relative humidity sensor, and an IR thermometer. The FLIR is combined with a moisture meter to detect moisture. It is a great device for moisture mapping.

Infrared Inspection Services

We offer thermal imaging services for commercial industry and property management in Scarborough, Ontario.

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