Infrared Thermography for Residential and Commercial Spaces in Ontario

Our team specializes in electrical infrared scanning of residential, commercial and industrial systems throughout Scarborough, Ontario. The science of thermal imaging, our technical knowledge and commitment provide us with precision data and facts unseen by the naked eye. We offer electrical infrastructure consultation services which when coordinated with infrared testing allows us to pinpoint and focus on the most critical aspects of your infrastructure and help you minimize the points of failure. We are available to help you with any kind of stressful situation with all the latest equipment.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is a method that is used to detect infrared energy emitted from objects. The infrared thermography equipment converts the emitted energy to temperature and displays the image of temperature distribution. Though infrared radiation is not visible to the naked eye, it can be sensed from the heat generated. This can be understood better with the example of the stove element. When You turn on the stove and place your hand above the element, you can feel the heat rising from the element, yet there are no visible changes to the element. Seconds later, the element emits a reddish glow. This is nothing but the movement of the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to the visible wavelength.

The equipment that is used to detect and display the temperature patterns caused by the infrared energy emitted by the objects are called infrared thermographers. The thermographers are equipped with cameras to monitor the emissions of infrared energy. This technique is used to inspect electrical apparatus, high voltage substations, roof moisture, mechanical systems and building envelopes, ramp heat systems, and more. We perform our inspections with the “FLIR” S(P)660, or T640 – professional performance, high resolution, handheld thermal and digital imaging systems.

Diagnosing existing or potential electrical failures is easy with the help of regular thermographic inspections. It is an effective tool that can be used to optimize equipment and save your facility from the expense and inconvenience of significant or catastrophic equipment failure.

Infrared cameras have seen an exponential evolution in the past few years. The latest infrared imagers with 640×480 resolution are 16x more detailed and accurate than the previous models with 320 x 240 resolution which has resulted in significant improvement in detecting anomalies with the higher resolution cameras.

Advantages of Infrared Thermography

  • Roof moisture check: advanced equipment is used to detect excess moisture in the roof so that appropriate measures can be taken in time.

  • Machinery check in a small manufacturing plant: the thermographer scans the roof for excess heat or moisture sources.

  • Quality Inspection: high-speed thermal imaging cameras from FLIR are used to monitor raw steel quality for the automotive industry.

  • Pavement inspection: thermal imaging cameras are used to inspect the quality of freshly laid roads. This is especially important for the governments as they want the quality of the road building inspected as they pay millions for the work and wouldn’t want to see it fall apart in just a few years.

Thermal Imaging of Machinery

Infrared thermography is beneficial in detecting any defects in a manufacturing unit by creating a temperature pattern.

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