Effective Building Investigation in Scarborough, ON

For industrial heat build-up, air and moisture flow, overheating or improperly functioning industrial machinery – please refer to our page Condition Monitoring.

Great Ontario Home Inspection offers professional inspections to identify defects in the building and recommends a scope of work for repair. We inspect every element, building component, and system and prepare a report that identifies short-term and long-term capital requirements. We believe in providing our customers with top-quality services and, therefore, go beyond what is merely required. Our technicians focus on connecting with the customers so they can walk away from an appointment knowing how to maintain their home or commercial buildings for years to come. You can call us to schedule an appointment and discuss all your queries. We’d be happy to help. Our services include:

checking of a house with IR thermometer


  • Inspect wall covering on all building sides, looking for signs of water ingress or unusual heat loss

  • Inspect all exterior doors and sample of windows in each room

  • Scan sample areas of wall penetrations and changes in material to look for unusual heat loss or signs of water ingress

checking roof with an IR thermometer


  • Inspect roof drainage systems to look for signs of water ingress

  • Scan of roof surface looking for unusual heat loss or signs of water ingress, particularly at roof penetrations

checking plumbing fixtures with a device


  • Trace water service entrance to the home for possible signs of leakage

  • Scan of water heater systems to confirm correct operation and heat gain across the appliance

  • Inspect hot and cold water piping to confirm correct distribution and look for unusual heat loss

checking electrical fixtures with IR thermometer


  • Inspection of the main electrical system

  • Inspection of service entrance, main disconnect, distribution panel(s), sample of conductors near panels, and overcurrent protection devices

  • Inspection of lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles in each room

checking heating systems with IR thermometer


  • Inspect installed heating equipment (e.g. furnaces, boilers)

  • Inspect vent systems, flues and chimneys

  • Confirm heat/cooling distribution at a sample of distribution points

  • Sample scans of visible heat distribution systems looking for areas of significant heat loss

checking interior of a house with IR thermometer


  • Inspection of walls and ceilings in each room for signs of major heat loss or water ingress

checking insulation inside a house


  • Inspection of ceiling and wall scans in each room, looking for signs of failure of the insulation system

No More Water Seepage

Infrared Thermography helps you identify potential water damage points and saves you money and time.

Water Infiltration Solutions

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